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Fourth of July: What To Wear

Figuring out what to wear for the Fourth of July is just as important as planning the party itself. Since a casual get-together is in most people’s plans; the look should coordinate with that style {without going all 4th of July theme kitschy}. A classic striped piece {top, dress or skirt} paired with a bold red accessory is the perfect look for a summer party style.

A quick shopping trip to J. Crew {loving this top}, Lily Pulitzer {skirt or shorts}, or any department store {Saks and Nordstrom are my go-to spots} will get you the wardrobe piece you need for the party and this classic striped style can be re-worn every season.

But if you do want to take a literal interpretation of the patriotic colors for the 4th, pairing a bright blue blouse and white denim with a flag-inspired scarf would be a fun look for the day.

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