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Ladurée Tea + Lazy Days

My hot drink of choice has always been hot chocolate. Anytime I’m cold I consistently turn to this soothing hot drink. I have never been a coffee or tea drinker, preferring lemons in hot water when I wanted just a little something extra. All this changed during our last visit to Paris where the Mister and I had the most scrumptious brunch at Ladurée and I tried the vanilla tea.

It was love at first taste. This tea has just enough of a sweet scent and taste to keep me from wishing for the full-on decadence of hot chocolate, it warms me up on these ridiculously cold days and adds a necessary touch of Paris to my day.

Now I look forward to each weekend when I can indulge in a lazy day filled with a mug of hot tea and a sweet treat {scones with jam are my current weakness} while curled up under a warm blanket listening to my favorite tunes.

What’s your favorite way to indulge in a lazy weekend?

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