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Zara Tartan Blanket Scarf

Zara Tartan Blanket Scarf

I fell in love with this tartan scarf while shopping in Paris. I couldn’t pass up the on-trend print, massive size or the fact that it is cuddly soft. It seems no one else could either since it sold out immediately! This scarf is so popular in Europe that during the last week of our honeymoon the Mister kept playing “spot the scarf” as we walked around Paris and London. One night in London we spotted 5 girls {+ one guy} wearing this scarf while ice skating.

Its extreme popularity could have been a turn-off, but the perfection of the pattern, size and fabric make up for its slight over-saturation. This scarf adds a wintery flair to every look I pair it with and I stay warm while also looking stylish. So, if you love this pattern as much as I do I definitely recommend buying it! You may see a few others wearing it too, but rather than being bothered by someone else wearing “your scarf” exchange a knowing nod as you stay warm and toasty while everyone without this scarf scurries along feeling the cold seep through their inferior winter accessories.

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