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Easter Egg Decorating: Beyond Egg Dye

With Easter egg coloring this week, I’m decorating the eggs in ways that go beyond the typical box of egg dye. For color choices and decorating styles I prefer my go-to colors of soft pinks and gold, mixed with monograms and bits of jewels to decorate the eggs, along with all-natural egg dye or an all-natural kit.

polka-dot eggs

{dye the eggs a soft pink then paint with white dots to create a polka-dot effect}

pink & gold easter eggs

{tape a line or free-hand to cover half the egg in gold}

golden bunny

{paint a bunny with gold foil}

ombre eggs

{ombré eggs are the easiest to create and have a strong impact Рplace each consecutive egg in the dye for a longer time than each previous egg}

jeweled eggs

{brown eggs have a soft, natural color that is dressed up when adorned with ribbons and jewels}

monogram eggs

{place stickers on the egg to create a monogram before placing the egg in dye Рremove the sticker when the dye is dry}

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  1. luciana
    March 27, 2013 at 2:40 pm (9 years ago)

    I`ve recommended this post on my blog!
    i <3 it!


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