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Easter Sunday Brunch: Decor & Food Ideas

Easter egg decorating obviously leads to thoughts on what to do for decor, displaying the colorful eggs, and what to eat. My preference for decor is simple but sophisticated; using all white {my preferred color scheme} which allows a few accent pieces to become focal points as those bits of color stand out against the all white background. I also like to integrate the colored eggs with the all white decor to include the Easter theme. As for the menu, we are going with my favorite – brunch!

breakfast table all white setting

{set the table for brunch with simple white place settings and Spring flowers}

easter bunny plant pal

{add Easter themed touches in subtle ways – this little guy is a garden accessory that was repainted in white}

colored eggs under glass dome

{take the prettiest colored eggs and place them under a glass dome as though a piece of artwork}

ombre egg display

{ombré eggs in glass jars add a splash of color to the all white decor and displays the eggs used for coloring}

monogram egg place settings

{monogram eggs become place settings}

mug of mini chocolate eggs

{fill a cheerful mug with mini chocolate eggs for nibbling}

baby carrots planted in hummus

{“plant” tiny clay pots with hummus and carrots for a healthy and adorable snack}

fluffy pancakes

{brunch includes my favorite pancakes}

baked egg baguettes

{baked egg baguettes}

strawberry parfait

{layers of fruits and granola for partfaits}

champagne cocktail

{brunch wouldn’t be complete without a champagne cocktail}

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