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Weekend Recap

The hubby & I were busy nonstop this weekend, with highlights including a decadent party at The Four Seasons in Georgetown, DC. {I love an excuse to dress up!}

Deconstructed s’mores at The Four Seasons

Along with floral centerpiece

Mini golf birthday celebration {I’m a rock star at mini golf}

Local art fair {I can never pass up an opportunity to find a unique piece of art} while we celebrated the anniversary of his proposal {I love any excuse for a celebration}.… Read more

Native Union Rose Gold Pop Phone

I love getting packages in the mail {especially when I forget what I’ve ordered}! My lovely surprise today was this handset. I’ve thought about getting one for a while but none appealed to me until I spotted this gorgeous rose gold color…

…and I am a bit of a hypochondriac so finally not having my iPhone pressed against my head comforts me {lol}… Read more

First Days of Fall

I love Fall weather and have been happily awaiting its arrival! {besides my candle needs} My list for Fall musts include…

Picking apples at an orchard {very Anne of Green Gables}

Mug of spiced apple cider

Cuddled up with a blanket by the fire

Jumping in a pile of leaves

Rich colors & luxurious fabrics

Watching College & Pro football…& Tim Tebow {yummy!}… Read more

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