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Black and Gold via Michael Kors

Until my honeymoon in Europe I never wore a watch, usually relying on my cell phone or just losing track of time completely {which happened more often than I care to admit}. But for the vacation I thought I should be a “responsible adult” and have some semblance of time passing given that we would have flights and trains to catch or timed events to attend.

So I not-so sensibly raced to Nordstrom’s mere hours before our flight was scheduled to leave in search of a watch. and promptly fell in love with a rose gold Michael Kors watch. Since then day I have worn that watch nearly every day {especially during our two months in Europe} and have been busy checking out other watch options too.

I spotted this black and gold Michael Kors watch in Nordstrom recently and again I Fell.In.Love. The black bracelet link style is unusual and the bold gold pops against the solid black face to create a watch that is really pretty unique {read: badass}.

So while I had spent my adult life never feeling a need to wear a watch, I have now come to appreciate not only knowing what time it is, but also having a new line of accessories to pursue, which I can pair up with my favorite bracelets.

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