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37 Weeks Pregnant Update


I love being pregnant, I just love it. It’s amazing to feel this little life inside of me. I thought for so many years that we wouldn’t be able to get pregnant, so to finally be pregnant is the most amazing gift. I love feeling every kick and tap, every spurt of growth. Every morning I wake up with a smile, feeling such gratitude. I love that when I talk to the baby or rub my hand across my belly he responds with a kick or pushes out against me. Every morning my hand automatically goes to rub the baby bump and feel his morning kicks. I love looking down and seeing how my belly has grown from a tiny little spot to the beach ball I am currently channeling.

What’s surprising is how much I love the way my body looks. For years [upon years!] I have struggled with various eating disorders and the plethora of bad feelings that accompany those issues. My insecurities would often get the better of me as I constantly stressed about my weight and looks. I could never be skinny enough. Now I wake up every day feeling pretty amazing. I still struggle in some ways, which I think is natural after years of self-doubt, but those feelings are so minimal compared to how I felt prior to carrying this little bun.

I have been working out consistently throughout the pregnancy, eating healthy, and being conscious of everything I do and feel. I think that is what has helped shape my attitude towards myself the most; a self-awareness of doing what is best for myself, my body, and our little bun. I feel GOOD about myself day after day. I feel lucky to have reached this point in my thought process and hope I will continue on like this after the birth too, remembering that treating myself with love instead of disgust makes all the difference in the world.

Now for the fun updates! 

How far along? 37 weeks! 

Nicknames? Little love and little bun

Food cravings? Still obsessed with red grapes!

What to wear? It’s a constant struggle as the bump gets bigger and bigger, but I am still rotating through the same jeans, dresses, and yoga clothes I bought at the beginning 

Sleeping? Other than waking every two hours to use the bathroom and I still I am sleeping soundly. I fall back asleep almost immediately, which I am so grateful for since I’ve heard most mama’s-to-be suffer from insomnia by now

Symptoms? Painful heartburn and I am hot all the time. I was getting leg cramps because my electrolytes were low, but now I drink two glasses of Pedialyte a day and that helps.  

Best moment of the week? So many! Every time I feel him kick or wiggle I melt and each moment feels like the best moment. I also love that he seems to share my dubious love for pop music because every time Justin Timberlake’s new song comes on he starts kicking to the beat. He also gets very kicky whenever I eat quinoa…although the Hubs claims that is the little bun’s attempt to escape the quinoa lol!

What I’m looking forward to most? Meeting our little bun!  

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