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Bohemian Beach Inspired Maternity Photos

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With only 6 weeks to go, I recently booked a photography session with Amy of Love The Look Photography for a Bohemian Beach Inspired photo shoot. I always feel as though a lightness overtakes my whole being when I am on the beach, so a carefree bohemian beach vibe was a must for the photos. Amy did our announcement photos, so I knew she would be perfect for the maternity shoot and she surpassed my hopes with these sunset photos. 

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Here’s a little background leading up to this pregnancy, which may be a bit TMI, so feel free to skip to the next paragraph. It took over two years for The Hubs and I to get pregnant. I had a very scary ectopic miscarriage when we were first trying and my body (along with my spirit) took a long time to readjust. During the emergency surgery the ER doctor had to close off my right my fallopian tube, which really only gave us a viable chance every other month. Each month felt interminable to me and each time we passed through another month I felt like a failure. Often The Hubs would find me on the floor crying in sadness over another lost month. Out of curiosity last July I did a genetic test and discovered I cannot process folate, which is necessary for a baby’s development. I started taking folate in a supplement form and one night in late November we discovered I was pregnant! I was overly hopeful when I was a bit late, so I took the test late at night (not when you are supposed to lol!) and it turned positive almost immediately! I was so happy, so excited, so scared, every emotion possible flooded through me all at once. The look of happiness on The Hubs’ face when I told him is a memory I will always cherish.

I feel so lucky to finally be pregnant and have been reveling in every moment of this pregnancy, from the early days of intense nausea to the energetic second trimester, and now in the third trimester as I get our little bun’s nursery ready while counting down the days until he arrives. I have been trying to capture every moment and memory with apps (love Tiny Beads to keep little notes in each day) and am creating a pregnancy book to list all those moments, along with photographs. Maternity photos were a must-have for me so that I can look back years from now and remember my joy watching my belly grow, feeling those sweet little baby kicks, and the nervous excitement The Hubs and I feel each day as we get closer to the baby’s arrival. 

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    June 16, 2016 at 4:30 pm (5 years ago)

    I ❤️ and miss you❣
    Love your FAVORITE cousin
    (Me) ALAINA

    FYI John admitted I was his favorite cousin☮

    • Angela
      June 17, 2016 at 5:54 pm (5 years ago)

      I love and miss you too lovie!!


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