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The Perfect Valentino Rockstud Shoes

shoes valentino rockstuds

I loved the Valentino Rockstud the moment I first saw them, but I held off on them for a looooong time. I was worried that the flats would be too trendy of a purchase for such a big expense and the style wouldn’t have the lasting ability of a pair of classic ballet flats. I was so wrong. These shoes have held their own over the last several seasons and [in my opinion] have become a must-have closet staple.

Over the last year or so I would sigh in lust every. single. time I saw them. I think The Hubs tired of the random gusts of wind exhaling from me over my laptop as I trolled online staring lustfully at the Rockstud flats because he gifted me these pale pink beauties for our 4th year anniversary last month. I shrieked squealed in delight when I saw the red Valentino box and immediately popped the shoes on [obviously they went quite well with my pajamas lol!] I adore these shoes. They easily go with dresses or denim. My preferred style has been to pair the Rockstud flats with distressed or dark denim for a mix of dressy and casual in one look. 

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