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Friday’s Five No. 12

  Friday's Five - Plaid & Pearls

{oversized plaid blanket scarf and pearls for fall}

Over the last week or so, my formerly exhausting schedule has opened up quite a bit (my mom’s very intensive therapy is coming to an end) so I’ve been finding myself with less to do on my day-to-day schedule, but without any idea how to handle having so much free time again…which led to a major Scandal marathon (can you believe I never watched this highly addictive show before?!), along with time for a new ombré hair color and multiple trips to different local farmers markets.

I really enjoy these weekly trips to the market. Each time I am reminded of the daily shopping for food I liked to do while living in Paris, along with the feel-good vibe for supporting smaller farmers and getting to try a myriad of foods I wouldn’t necessarily find at the grocery store.

While I’m not a vegetarian, I do get strangely excited over fresh vegetables and my latest obsession is dinosaur kale. Since adding this strong tasting food to my daily salad, I’ve taken what was becoming a boring lunch and made it exciting and delicious again.

Friday's Five - Giant Sprinkle Donuts

{farmers market donuts – because if you’re going to make donuts they should be massive and covered in sprinkles}

Friday's Five - Dinosaur Kale

{fresh dinosaur kale}

Friday's Five - Pansies

{winter pansies for fall in the perfect shade of burnt orange}

Friday's Five - Vintage Train Station

{the sweetest farmers market resides outside of this old train station}

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