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Friday’s Five No. 8

Friday's Five - Madewell Boy Jean + Margot Flats
{The most perfectly distressed boyfriend jeans + my new favorite flats}

Although I work from home, I try to stay on a traditional work Monday to Friday work schedule. I wasn’t always this diligent in the past, telling myself “Oh, I can do that later tonight” and then later would arrive and I’d scramble to get work done while being half asleep. Obviously not my most productive moments. So I’ve forced myself to be more diligent and self-aware of my time and how I spend it. Doing that has actually freed up more of my time, while also giving me a sense of calm knowing that I don’t have a deadline looming over my head.

I don’t have any plans for this upcoming three-day holiday/long weekend beyond a stack of Fall Fashion magazines I cannot wait to dive into, but I am looking forward to knowing that whatever may come up I have the freedom to say yes. Happy weekend everyone!

Friday's Five - Kate Spade File Folders
{My tiny desk space is more organized now thanks to these Kate Spade file folders}

Friday's Five - Tiffani Taylor Thank You Note
{The prettiest thank you note from Tiffani Taylor, one of my favorite artists}

Friday's Five - Farmers Market Flowers
{Fresh flowers at the farmers market}

Friday's Five - Fall Fashion Magazines {Stack of Fall Fashion magazines}

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