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celine sunglasses

An iconic pair of sunglasses has always been  a must-have for my wardrobe. I realized at a fairly young age [seven years old to be exact, while on vacation in San Francisco purchasing my first pair of of sunglasses shaped like hearts in a “fancy” department store] that a unique, image provoking pair of sunglasses was a necessary component to my outfits. At seven I felt certain that heart-shaped sunglasses equated to rock star status, but those are the thoughts of a seven year old! I’ve grown up a bit in taste since those early heart-shaped sunglasses, but never forgot just how good it feels to pop on the perfect pair of shades.

 I searched for my ideal sunglasses for years, trying everything from classic aviators to Olsen-esque bug glasses before finding my dream-come-true pair by Celine in the ‘Audrey’ style. These shades are modern and minimalist, but still oversized with a slight cat’s eye. I put these sunglasses on daily and instantly feel as if I am Jackie O’ on the French Riviera or Holly Golightly standing outside of Tiffany’s. Everything I dreamed for in my ideal sunglasses.


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