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Wednesday Wishes No. 15

Wednesday Wishes | Oversized Sunglasses

I’ve always believed that you can never own too many sunglasses. Each shape is unique to the person, style and look of each day or outfit. I’ve been able to follow that belief in acquiring sunglasses since the majority of my sunglasses are vintage pairs that I’ve picked up while traveling. The style of each vintage pair is unique and the stories and memories they evoke have always made wearing these vintage pairs a pleasure.¬† But lately I’ve been lusting for a new (but still classic) pair of sunglasses in an oversized black frame.

Wednesday Wishes | Oversized Sunglasses

I haven’t pulled the trigger on a new pair of sunglasses since I normally rotate between vintage Wayfarers, black and gold vintage round frames and a classic pair of aviators (these gold Tory Burch aviator sunglasses are my one pair of non-vintage sunglasses). I’ve always enjoyed knowing each pair of vintage sunglasses I own is unique, but cannot stop thinking about these Karen Walker “Super Duper Strength” sunglasses which have a very¬†Audrey Hepburn/Breakfast at Tiffany’s feel to them.

Although talk of Breakfast at Tiffany’s brings up this amazing pair of Audrey Hepburn-inspired sunglasses that I’ve been lusting for since last year…

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