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Wednesday Wishes No. 9

Wednesday Wishes: Breakfast At Tiffany's Sunglasses

Have you ever seen a fashion accessory that just makes you drool? This may happen to me more often than most people given my love for fashion. But because of my insta-love for all things fashion I try to let a little time pass before making a purchase. Sometimes this works and the brief drooling love affair will pass, but that just hasn’t happened with these Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan sunglasses.

I first saw these sunglasses over a year ago when a friend emailed me about them. She knows about my massive girl-crush on all things Audrey Hepburn and most especially Breakfast At Tiffany’s, the film that features so many of my favorite classic wardrobe pieces – the LBD, the trench, the white button down shirt, the sleep mask, and most especially the oversized sunglasses. I love the opening credits as she nibbles on a danish while sipping coffee and wearing those gorgeous sunglasses outside the Tiffany & Co. window. The original pair for the film was designed by Oliver Goldsmith and they were just re-released last year.

During my last trip to Manhattan I stopped by Barney’s and tried on these sunglasses and absolutely loved them, but they are incredibly expensive. Honestly I am a girl that splurges on what she loves, but I walked away from them that day because I have never spent that much on a pair of sunglasses.

But I haven’t forgotten them. Instead, I’ve been in need of a new style of sunglasses for some time and as part of my 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days {#79} these sunglasses are back on my radar. Given how expensive they are I thought a good way to come up with the money would be to put aside $10 every time I complete an item on my list. This gives me a double incentive for completing this list and eventually saving up this amazing pair of sunglasses.

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