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The Art Of The Classic Trench Coat

The Art Of The Classic Trench Coat - Breakfast At Tiffany's

The classic trench coat is one of my favorite wardrobe items. Seriously, is there anything more classic than a trench coat? From film noir Philip Marlowe to beloved Holly Golightly, and on to supermodel Kate Moss and my all-time favorite Gossip Girls ‘Blair Waldorf’ and ‘Serena van der Woodsen’ the trench coat has been worn by them all. It is sexy, mysterious, and chic all at once.

Popping on a trench instantly makes this girl feel like she is channeling Holly Golightly herself, who wore the classic trench coat at the ending climatic scene in Breakfast At Tiffany’s with ease. To wear a standard trench coat, that was originally intended for military warfare with ease is a true art form.

This stylish and functional coat looks perfect when worn as is straight off the hanger, but just like Audrey Hepburn I like to cinch the waist a bit tighter, leaving the top buttons unbuttoned and folded open, and to cuff the sleeves one more time so that my wrists are exposed.

The Art Of The Classic Trench Coat - Audrey Hepburn

Whenever possible I try to invest in the original classic version for my wardrobe and I was lucky enough to be gifted the Burberry Prorsum mid-length trench in the classic gabardine fabric, which is weather proof. While the Burberry trench coat was initially expensive I have had it for over 4 years and wear it all year long {cold weather permitting} and every single time I put my trench coat on I feel amazing. I always feel secure knowing that it looks good and it always feels like the best me as soon as I slip the trench coat on.

But I do know that version is pricey so I searched for more affordable versions to share with you and absolutely love the trendy oversized black trench coat Kate Spade Saturday has for this season, along with the lightly colored Michael Kors trench coat that features a paler piped trim.

Any of these trench coats will instantly add a chic style to your outerwear wardrobe and adding a personal spin on how you button and tie the coat will make it all the more special and a true art form for each individual. What about you? How do you like to wear your trench coat?

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