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Celebrate Earth Day 2014

Celebrate Earth Day 2014 {Luxemburg Gardens Paris, France}

While I am unable to grow a plant or keep flowers alive for long, I am a product of my childhood spent growing up in Seattle {litter still makes me shudder in horror}. I always try to do my part for the environment and believe that we all need to do what we can to make our world better. Because of this I celebrate Earth Day, along with trying to do my part to lower my carbon footprint and going as green as possible as often as I can all year long.

My attempts are small but I feel like they do help – I support our local farmers, buying as much as possible close to home, while also saving against the giant waste a water bottle creates by using my bobble water bottle. I discovered this bottle 3 years ago, before heading to Europe. Not only does it cut down on waste, but it saves me a fortune in water bottles since I only need to change the filter on this one single bottle every few months. Seriously, it’s under $10 and if you drink as much water a day as I do it’s one of the best investments you can make.

My stance on the environment may sound hypocritical given how much I shop, but I feel like I’m good at my shopping given that I am particular about what I buy {refusing fast fashion/waste} and where my products come from {refusing to purchase items that are the product of child labor}.

I’ll be celebrating this Earth Day close to home by taking a nature walk with the sweet dog I am currently dog-sitting. Do you have any plans for this environmentally friendly day?

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