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Summer Style Idea: Neck Scarf


I’m all for a scarf in spring, fall and winter for that instant “French Girl” feel that a scarf brings to any look, along with its practicality purposes for those chillier days. Thing can get a bit trickier in the warm summer months though, as temperatures rise and clothing options run more towards light and airy. The thought of a scarf in the summer might sound silly at first when it’s topping 90 – 100 degrees outside, but this latest iteration of scarf wearing works on even the hottest days.

Tying a bandana around your neck brings a touch of French insouciance to any ensemble and combines  perfectly for a summery Americana vibe via the bandana print. The neck scarf creates an outfit that looks perfectly styled, but will feel easy-breezy for hot summer days.  

bandana bandana5

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