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5 Unique Ways To Style Your Blanket Scarf

blanket scarf

It’s blanket scarf season again, and while I won’t be wearing mine (I own at least 5!) until we travel up north for the holidays I can’t help but play with different ways to style mine once I can! As temperatures drop and fall creeps along with hints of winter, a blanket scarf is the perfect thing to wrap yourself up in as you crave cozy fabrics and warmth, while also looking fashionable. These oversized scarves are the perfect accessory for this endeavor and here are my 5 favorite (and unique) ways to style a blanket scarf.

blanket scarf2

Draping your blanket scarf over your shoulders as a shawl creates a chic and effortlessly styled look

blanket scarf3

Casually looped around your neck and draped over a fitted top, skinny jeans and knee-high boots (my go-to look)

blanket scarf4

Literally treating your blanket scarf as a blanket while sitting outside on a cool fall morning sipping your favorite warm drink

blanket scarf 5

Folding your blanket scarf in half and belting it keeps you warm and still maintains a stylish look with all the layers necessary on a cold day

blanket scarf5

Still warm by you? Pop your blanket scarf over a chambray dress for a “fall” touch to your warm-weather wardrobe

*all images via Pinterest

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