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Like the rest of the world I was (and still am) completely shocked and horrified by the events that occurred in Paris this past weekend. I thought at first I shouldn’t say anything on here, but this blog has always been about sharing my feelings and thoughts on life, love, travel and style. How could I not talk about something this big? Something that shocked and resonated through me, through my husband, through the world. We have lived in Paris twice and while I am not Parisienne by birth, I do love this city, the people, and the ideals it has always represented with all my heart.

Those ideals include the well known liberté, égalité, fraternité, and also include a belief and respect for people’s individuality. I do not want to get caught up in anger, blame, fury or despair thinking of this horrific contrast though. Perhaps it is naive of me, but I prefer to think of my Paris, the city of light and love.  I took this photo as The Hubs and I arrived in Paris on our honeymoon, walking past the Louvre, through a darkened tunnel where I was touched by the warmest light and the brightest sun. I paused to admire the way the light reflected on the beauty surrounding me, as did the man in front of me. We stood together in a moment of awe and joy.

Solidaire Avec Paris

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