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Fall Style For Hot Climates

Fall Style For Hot Climates

It’s starting to cool off down here (I think??). At least it seems like it’s cooling off because the 80 degrees today feels like a cold front compared to the 100 degree days from last week! Fall is my favorite time of the year for fashion; I love the layers, rich colors, and cozy fabrics, but living in a hot climate makes my go-to fall style pieces harder to wear. Since moving down south I have been contemplating ways to take those favorite pieces and wear them in a way that is workable for this hot weather, but still look “fall”.

This look is the perfect way to transition from summer into fall in any climate. A light dress can be worn for fall with a change of accessories; instead of sandals pop on a pair of black ankle booties {also love these} to ground a floaty dress {another cute one here} and adding a floppy hat instantly screams fall style. When the temperatures drop further add a pair of black leggings and top off the dress with a cozy cardigan.

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