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Tuesday Trends | Floppy Hat For Fall

Tuesday Trends | Floppy Hat For Fall

The majority of my wardrobe is based upon feelings. Not feelings of comfort as most people choose their clothing based upon. No, mine is based upon what emotion a given article of clothing or accessory evokes. Whether I want a laid-back weekend style or French ingénue, I choose my day to day wardrobe based upon the impression I want to give to myself. No more is this evident than my love for the floppy hat. This on-trend wardrobe accessory is at the top of my must wear list for the fall/winter.

Whether mixing with a simple white top and black pants as we edge away from summer and into fall or as the finishing touch in a layered outfit, a felt floppy hat is perfect for this time of year. Last fall we were in Paris and I often walked around the city in my floppy hat – whether strolling through the Jardin des Tuileries or during a daily runt to the market, my floppy hat was my must-have topper. As I often layered it over a favorite cozy sweater and go-to motorcycle jacket or trench I often felt as though I were living my own adventure. Now that fall is coming around again and we are in the US this time around I plan on recreating those feelings of freedom, joy and “that certain something” with a floppy hat worn with my go-to fall outfits.

Whether it’s raining out or just a crisp breeze in the air, a floppy hat wards off the cold chills while looking chicer than your standard beanie. It also goes with a multitude of wardrobe choices; from classic skinny jeans and a sweater to cropped pants and ankle booties, the floppy hat adds that finishing top to your look.

Tuesday Trends | Floppy Hat For Fall

I picked up a new floppy hat (great price!) this past weekend, but may also add in this one and this one next as I am firmly convinced that there is no such thing as too many hats!

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