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denim days

I work from home and it is easy to get get caught up in that “Oh, I’ll just throw this {insert favorite threadbare piece!} on and not worry about” attitude, so I make a concentrated effort to always get dressed as though I have somewhere to go each day. Most of those outfits are casual because I am often just running errands nearby so a large amount of my wardrobe is dependent on denim.

I love feminine pieces, but often turn to denim when choosing what to wear. To soften the tougher styling of my favorite boyfriend jeans I will pair them with a delicate accessory or two. These shoes are the perfect juxtaposition against boyfriend jeans. I have gone back and forth on my opinion towards the Rockstud; at first loving the shoe but thinking the style was too trendy to justify the rather hefty price tag, then feeling the shoe was overdone and now I am back again to loving this shoe. I think it has just the right mix of soft and tough, and the original styling still stands on its own as a new classic pump.

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