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Friday’s Five No. 21


{I love how this phrase was re-imagined for this detailed dress}

Although we have been in Florida for over a month I don’t feel settled just yet since we are still in the in-between process as we wait for our house to finish. The renovations started this week and mainly consisted of the floors being ripped up (!) so we haven’t seen a lot of progress yet, but it is exciting to know that we are one step closer to moving into our little chateau!

I have been traveling around and and getting to know the area better…mainly through shopping destinations though for two reasons – 1. I am in desperate need of warm-weather clothes and 2. I like to learn a new area through its shops. I always get a feel for the area based on how the stores are laid out, along with the people both shopping and working. Maybe this is weird, but it works for me and along the way I have met several new people and found a few places I want to go back to again.

The Husband and I also took a recent food tour of South Beach (more here) and have been taking a few trips to local beaches. One of my favorite things about living in South Florida is that we are less than a ten minute drive to white sandy beaches and a tropical breeze constantly surrounds us even in the humidity.

beach {relaxing with The Husband at the beach on a cool, windy day}

food tour18 {immediately wished this pink Vespa was mine}

food tour4 {the slim lines and stark white color of this heron is so pretty against the blue water}

cactus display

{I want to create a similar natural, earthy display for our modern-influenced chateau}

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