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Friday’s Five No. 16


{palm trees and a beach-side stroll}

Our first week of vacation in South Florida mainly consisted of days spent looking at houses as we tried to determine which city we felt had the best fit for us, along with hoping to find the right house in that city. As a dedicated shopper, I never thought I would dislike house hunting, assuming I’d enjoy the hunt just as much as if it was for that just right pair of jeans. I was wrong and right. House hunting is just as frustrating as finding that perfect pair of jeans, but even more expensive!

After three days of non-stop house hunting I was ready for a break, so we took yesterday off from the hunt to enjoy a much-needed relaxing pool day. As tiring as the house hunting is, I am definitely appreciating the beautiful area we are moving to; it’s November and it’s 80 degrees out! The sun is constantly shining and the fruit is so fresh I could happily live off of berries and mangoes.

This coming weekend will be full of fun things to do as we visit friends, go on a food tour in Miami and hopefully squeeze in brunch at a spot on the beach I’m dying to try out. Happy weekend!


{talking houses along the beach}


{a stack of magazines for my pool day break}

rainy day

{this is a rainy day. seriously}


{this is november in south florida. again, seriously}

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