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Friday’s Five No. 15


{monster cupcake for Halloween}

About a month ago I went to a local hair salon and showed an image of a darker blonde ombré hair color and style I wanted for myself. This fairly simple request was the beginning of a 5 hour hair snafu, in which the hair stylist I had been to in the past didn’t reveal she had no idea how to do ombré. Eventually it was finished by another stylist to a mostly satisfactory color, but it still needed improvement. I waited a month before finding a hair stylist through Red Door that specializes in Balayage, a hand-painted technique that creates the sun-kissed strands I was hoping for. Because my hair was so damaged from the previous salon, I also was in desperate need of a haircut (the bottom 4 inches of my locks were completely ruined) and my new cut and color is a modern, slightly longer version of the on-trend lob and I love it. It feels light, fresh and carefree. 

This day long spa tip (a mani/pedi was also included), along with a few other reasons all culminates in why my weekly Friday post is days late. The other reasons? Well, time got away from me as I rushed form one thing to the next this past week throwing in a few fall-flavored activities with family, including:

1. A day at a local farm with family as we went on hayrides, through corn-mazes, fed goats and slid down mile-high slides
2. Prepping for Halloween on Thursday with my Grandma as we shopped for Halloween-themed treats
3. Playing makeup artist for my two cousins before joining them and the dog as we trick-or-treated around the neighborhood
4. Attempting to pack for our road trip to South Florida.

I say attempting because I failed utterly at being ready early for this trip. All my plans to pack smart went out the window when I failed to pack until the morning we were leaving…which then turned into a late afternoon departure. As the clock ticked by and my stress level rose, I finally just threw half my closet (along with 16 pairs of shoes) into my suitcase(s). All I can say is that I’m glad we were driving to Florida instead of flying since I never would have made the deadline for a flight!


{the aforementioned 16 pairs of shoes. Yes, I seriously overpacked}


{Ily Couture pearls + plaid}


{making friends on the farm}


{someone wanted me to pay attention to her instead of the magazine}


{first taste of winter – hot chocolate with peppermint}

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