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Friday’s Five No. 11

Apple Cider for fall + Tory Burch & Kate Spade

{the first cool fall breeze called for apple cider}

Yesterday I woke up early and realized I had nothing planned for the day. No responsibilities or concerns. An entire day to not worry. I haven’t felt that kind of blissful freedom in months so I took the day to indulge in a favorite activity; wandering around Georgetown with no idea of what I wanted to do beyond a few vague ideas.

Once there I took in an amazing workout at Barre3 class and afterwards treated myself to a trip to Kate Spade where I picked out booties for this fall. The rest of my worry-free day was spent wandering around the waterfront, in and out of shops, enjoying the perfect weather (80 degrees + sunny!) and just being at one with myself. I felt so calm and centered that not even the dismal traffic could get me down and I was home in time for a late night yoga class and relaxing dinner with the husband that I’d been looking forward to all day.

Maybe it’s because I’m an only child, but I always enjoy being on my own. I like my own quiet company and have always felt it was important to go off on my own every once in a while and just be. While for some people that means a quiet place with no one around, I find myself the most when I am on my own in the middle of a city and all I can focus on or control is myselfYesterday was one of the most perfect days I have experienced in a long time.

It was also the perfect early start to a weekend filled with some of our favorite things to look forward to including a Gators game on Saturday afternoon, a late night concert, and plans with friends here and there. Happy weekend everyone!

Fall Flavors

{pumpkin-flavored treats from my favorite baker at the farmers market}

Hidden away in Georgetown

{this little stairway and teeny home hidden away on a bustling street in Georgetown}

Gourds and corn for fall

{an abundance of gourds and corn}

Changing seasons

{seeing the first signs of fall on an early morning walk}

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