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travel uniform

Over the last few years I have traveled often and while I still get nervous flying, I have gotten very comfortable with my travel uniform. Comfort mixed with chic styling are the key components to keep in mind when creating your best travel outfit.

While it’s important to be comfortable in what you wear, it is also important that you create an outfit that is put-together and suitable for traveling through your new destination as soon as your plane touches down. I prefer to travel in layers for several reasons.

1. Adding a cardigan or blazer with a scarf over a simple pair of jeans and a tee/blouse of choice instantly adds dimension to your outfit, while also giving you an extra layer of warmth for chilly airplanes.

2. Wearing your bulkier cardigan/blazer saves room in your suitcase (I am a firm believer in carry-on only so I can reach my destination faster). A scarf is a must-have for any destination – a warm layer in a cold climate and an instant sarong for the beach/pool.

3. If you are heading to a warmer climate you can lose the extra layers when you reach your destination by simply tying the topper around your waist, which also creates that perfectly relaxed “what will be, will be” air of tranquility towards your outfit, while still being photo-ready and chic.

Mix your blazer {low/medium/high} or cardigan with a soft tee and boyfriend jeans, leggings or skinny denim. Whichever pair feels most you, so that you will feel comfortable while traveling and upon arriving.

Once you have your outfit ready, pair up your go-to relaxed denim, tee and topper with ankle booties or slip-on sneakers. Both shoes are appropriate for nearly any destination, are easy to wear and because of their bulkier shapes wearing them saves space in your suitcase. Match these layered pieces with a classic crossbody bag {low/medium/high} to stay hands and worry-free as you travel through the airport and on to your vacation.

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