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Tuesday Trend | Slip-on Sneakers

Tuesday Trend | Slip-on Sneakers

Let’s face it, being simultaneously comfortable and stylish is a rarity in the fashion world. The comfort factor is often a dream that is similar to a three-day all expenses paid trip to Paris. Until now. Slip-on sneakers have been an on-trend shoe for several seasons now and they are not going anywhere. Instead the shoe is now being offered in multiple prints, colors, fabrics and designs with price points that vary from easy to acquire Steve Madden and up to sigh-inducing fashion house Celine.

I’ve been wearing slip-on sneakers steadily from spring {see more here & here} and plan on carrying these shoes as far into fall as possible. The comfort factor of these shoes is one favorite, but the nostalgia they bring to mind is even better.

Slipping on a pair of these easy to wear sneakers always brings me back to my Seattle days, when all I wanted was to be a “skater girl” and wear Chucks and Vans. One of my biggest days was the day I had saved up enough babysitting money to buy myself a pair of classic white vans. I have always remembered those shoes fondly (I was gutted when they were finally destroyed years later) and love that my favorite sneaker is back in style with an enduring appeal.

This shoe is sophisticated, classic and with the various finishes available carries off a grown-up appeal. After all, this shoe shape is similar to the smoking slipper, which harkens back to olden days of relaxed comfort and pure sophistication.

Tuesday Trend | Céline Slip-on Sneakers {Céline}

Styling this shoe is a breeze as this is the gateway of all shoes. It transitions from casual denim to polished trousers and on to a summer dress as it pairs up from one outfit style to the next with ease;  black pony-hair slip-ons with white denim and a colorful scarf, animal print pops against cuffed jeans and a camel coat for the fall, plaid slip-ons are the perfect accessory to go with a chunky-knit turtleneck, or juxtapose the casual suede slip-on against a blazer and silky camisole or blouse.

If you choose to wear socks with these shoes avert disaster though with ultra-low cut socks. Otherwise you run the risk of interrupting the slean lines of this shoe style with the edge of your socks peeking out. As a West Coast child I rarely wore socks, unless forced to in the winter time. I preferred to run around with bare feet that were quickly slid into a pair of easy slip-on sneakers (usually Keds and my one pair of beloved Vans) and to this day I still prefer to wear this shoe style sans socks.

This is by far the most comfortable shoe trend and it is nearly impossible to go a day without seeing a street style snap or two of a fashionable girl wearing this surprisingly chic shoe in a variety of ways.

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