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How To Style White Denim

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It’s getting to be that time of year again. Now that spring has officially arrived we all reach for white denim regularly. I’ve never believed you need to wait until Labor Day to wear white pants, but let’s be honest – living in the grey, slushy weather conditions near D.C. never made me want to reach for my white denim in the winter. It was always the exact opposite as I feared the dirty streets would ruin my whites. Since moving to South Florida I have been on the opposite side of that old fear and am now craving white denim.

Finding the right white jeans wasn’t easy though. It took two days and 17 pairs of denim to try on until I found the perfect pair. Naturally it was one of the last ones I tried on. Normally I would be annoyed by this, but am glad I did try on┬áso many pairs since it enabled me to figure out what style, fit and fabric I wanted. The winner? These Current/Elliot cropped straight leg jeans. Because I am petite (just under 5’4″) the length hits just above my ankle and still allows me to cuff or roll the pant for an even shorter fit, while the straight leg minimizes my athletic calves. The 98% cotton fabric is nearly all-natural so the jeans are fitted (I went down a size) but still comfortable because the cotton will breathe in the humidity. My favorite part though is that the jeans are not see-through. Of the 17 pairs I tried on at least 12 were see-through.

I found the Current/Elliot jeans just a few days ago and have already worn them multiple times. I’ve also been busy on Pinterest searching out new ways to style white denim. Shown above are my current favorite styles with contrasting shades of black, blue and grey against the white denim. These pairings include warm weather-ready crisp tops, battling a chilly day with casual layers and on to a glammed-up white denim and heels.

Oh and speaking of bright contrasts, I also picked up this bold neon striped oversized clutch that I can’t wait to pair with a neutral outfit, I found this clutch when I took a much needed break from denim fittings and browsed in handbags to clear my head. Does anyone else do that when shopping? Sometimes I just need a break and I don’t drink coffee so I can’t sit and ponder over a cup of coffee. Instead wandering off to another department helps me to think without the pressure of a dressing room.

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