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Tuesday Trend | Dual Sided Pearl Earrings

Tuesday Trend | Dual Sided Pearl Earrings

Girl with a pearl earring

As a fan of classic jewelry and wardrobe pieces, I have had an appreciation for pearls since childhood. One of my fondest childhood memories with my grandma was shopping for jewelry as she taught me how to properly choose pearls; learning how a real pearl should feel cool on your cheek and listening intently as she explained the coloring and shaping of different types of pearls. My favorite jewelry to wear as a little girl was my pair of tiny pearl stud earrings (alongside my oversized plastic chain necklace) and as an adult I may have gone sans plastic jewelry, but I still gravitate towards pearls and studs.

Given my love for pearls, it is no surprise I instantly fell for the Dior Mise En Dior Tribal’ earrings when they first emerged during the the Dior Pre-FallĀ  2013 Costume Jewelry Collection. Since then I have been unable to stop thinking of this modern version of the classic pearl stud earring. The mix of vintage combined with of-the-moment styling make these an earring that can be worn on a casual day or out for date night.

The earrings have become even more popular this fall during the New York and Paris fashion weeks, with the majority of girls in the know wearing the earring asymmetrically with hair tucked behind one ear to better show of this in-demand earring.

The cost for the Dior earrings is prohibitive given they are costume jewelry ($410.00) but I have found a few versions (here, here and here) for much less…but the Dior version still speaks to me as the one to get. Perhaps, simply because it is Dior?

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