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Friday’s Five No. 7 Agenda {Staying organized with this agenda}

After months of worry, change and fear, things have finally settled down for me and started to normalize. A major part of that was my recent decision to let go of my fears and worries. I cannot control the future, instead I can only take each day as it comes and enjoy it for every moment. In the past I’ve always embraced the future and looked forward to the unknown, but when the unknown manifested itself in a handful of health concerns and family troubles, the unknown lost its adventurous feel and became fearful. Rather than let more of these “what if” possibilities rule me, I have begun embracing the unknown again, taking each day as it comes and feeling a peaceful Zen-like strength from that. A mid-week shoe shopping trip also assisted in this blissful state! So my goal (because I’m all about setting goals in life) is to find 5 things each week that I am grateful for or that give me a bit of pleasure.

I’m hopeful that this weekend will bring its unexpected joys as I keep my plans light for the weekend with a catch-up scheduled with a good friend, an indulgent massage and yoga session or two, while also trying to squeeze in a few more sunny warm days before fall hits. I hope your weekend will also bring a pleasant moment or two, along with sunny days. Happy weekend!

Paul Macaron {Decadent pistachio macaron from Paul}

Nike Leopard Sneakers
{My favorite running buddy + leopard sneakers}

Chanel vs Valentino {Trying to decide on one of these two splurge-worthy gorgeous shoes}

DC Daytrip {Perfectly sunny day in DC where I spotted this spectacular bit of architecture}

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