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Wednesday Wishes No. 12

Wednesday Wishes | Summer Scents

Summertime scents. Late nights. Soft glows. Candles are the perfect thing to warm up a room in the winter time, they welcome crisp notes during the fall and once spring rolls around there is a freshness that can be found in clean, airy scents. In the summertime we step away from candles (most likely due to the oppressive heat) but this is the perfect way to heighten those summertime scents we look forward to all year long…sun, sand, sea, fresh fruits, blooming flowers.

The scents are all delicious and refreshing reminders of the scents we long for all year to have wafting through our homes or a favorite room. In the evenings, while nibbling on a homemade pizza with glass of wine, sitting on the porch watching the sun set, curled up reading a new summertime book…and the flickering candle light that emits gives everything it touches a summery glow.

//Tory Burch | Voluspa | Andrea SchroderArchipelago | Candle Snuffer | Jo Malone \\

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