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Summertime Bash | Globe Lights

Outdoor Style | Globe Lights

The Fourth of July is just days away and summer is in full force. It’s just the right time to start throwing a few summertime parties. A good get together becomes even better with the right lights. Having the best lighting is just as important as the food, the playlist and the guest list. Create the perfect outdoor ambiance for your next summertime bash by hanging strings of globe lights across your outdoor space.

The soft light cast from the globes gives a gentle glow to your backyard party. The vintage styled fairy lights give your party that just right summertime vibe. The dim, slightly sexy glow from the globe lights makes all your guests look their best..and who doesn’t want to look their hottest at a summertime bash? String the lights across your outdoor space then create your ultimate guest list and get ready for your best ever late night summer bashes.

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