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~ First Christmas {Decorating} ~

I love everything about the holidays to begin with {decorating} and now it’s even more exciting {1st Christmas with the hubby!} Here are a few of my musts for this Christmas…

{I have become quite obsessed with these starry string lights. The lights can be wrapped around any shape, indoor or out and because they don’t need to be plugged in they’re so easy to use}

{love the look of the lights in the background, softly lighting a mirror and the space around}

{and reused for a romantic, sweet look after the holidays are over too}

{re-purpose old boots while decorating for the holidays}

{I have this chalkboard greeting by the front door}

{jingle bell and candle centerpiece is subtle and pretty}

{this year I’m going for a more organic, old fashioned look to my gifts and have wrapped them all in craft paper with pretty ribbons}

{excited to send out these Kate Spade holiday cards}

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