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My Trick To Faking Longer Legs

My Trick To Faking Longer Legs

The warm weather that calls for shorts is always difficult for me because I’m…well I’m short. At 5′ 4″ what little height I do have does not come from my legs, but rather from my disproportionately long neck. While a long neck is wonderful during barre classes as I channel my inner ballerina, it does little to help my legs in a pair of shorts, so I’ve come up with my trick to faking longer legs.

I’ve tried all lengths and styles of shorts from barely there to Bermuda-esque length. After many dressing room trial and error attempts I’ve finally settled on a 3″-5″ inseam as ideal, but the real reason I fully feel comfortable in shorts is creating a shiny leg that gives the illusion of longer legs.

Adding a sleek line of shimmer and shine down the center of my legs makes all the difference in the world to my little legs. That simple addition creates a subtle leg-lengthening look as the bronzed glow naturally makes the eye look from top to bottom in a fool-the-eye concept that is similar to wearing skin-tone nude heels.

I shy away from self-tanners (horror stories about streaks and orange hands have frightened me away) and instead use Nars Body Glow.  This products works. It adds leg-lengthening shine to my legs, without being streaky. I dab a small amount on my fingers and draw a tiny line down the center of each leg, blending into my skin. Voilà. In less than two minutes I fake long(ish), slim legs.

Need another reason to add this to your beauty regime? It smells like a summer day at the beach.

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