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My Top 11 Holiday Decorating Ideas

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As I write this I can literally smell the pine needles in the air (we just bought a massive 9 foot tall Christmas tree) and I am getting more and more excited for this holiday season! My birthday is at the beginning of December (more here) and once that day passes I go full-fledged holiday with Christmas songs and movies playing in the background as I wrap presents, bakes sweet treats and decorate the tree.

Now maybe it’s the looming (literally) 9 foot tall Christmas tree, but sometimes filling le chateau with all that holiday decor can feel a bit overwhelming. I love the different styles of decor possible but have found that the least stressful way to decorate is to first decide on a theme and then devise ways to introduce that theme into your year-round decor, rather than changing your entire home style for a few weeks.

My style leans more towards modern and minimalist so with the holidays I like to mix that with natural materials – greenery, wood, burlap, berries, and a touch of gold, along with simple white candles for a found-in-nature color scheme, with an occasional pop of red, so I’ve compiled my top 11 (10 just wasn’t enough) holiday decorating ideas.

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1. Simple clean lines and a cozy fur or piles of pillows and blankets by the fireplace is just right for cold wintery nights to cuddle up by the fire with your main squeeze

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2. The natural greenery wound through the stockings adds a touch of subtle color to these burlap stockings

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3. One year I wrapped all my gifts in kraft paper with colored ribbon and then the next in black chalkboard paper with bold fabric ribbons- the results each time were simple yet chic

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4. They say first impressions are made in 30 seconds or less so I like to add a crisp clean decor to the front door

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5. Minimalist greenery and white candles give your room subtle lighting

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6. Pops of red ribbon brighten up a wintery view

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7. Touches of gold in ribbons, wrapping paper, and oversized ornaments add shimmer and shine

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8. Dressing your lighting with greenery draws the eye up and adds a touch of the holidays to your chandelier

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9. Dress up your favorite coffee table books with a bowl of same colored ornaments for a festive touch

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10. Instead of buying holiday specific pillows, tie a fabric ribbon around your current pillows to give them a festive touch

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11. Mix in holiday decor items with your entryway table to create a welcoming but simple vignette

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