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My Favorite Pants | J. Crew Minnie Pants

My Favorite Pants - J Crew Minnie Pants

I recently attended an event that called for a pretty conservative outfit that made me frantically search my closet, but I couldn’t find anything that felt right. With the event looming the following morning I rushed off to J. Crew to finally try out the Minnnie Pant, which I had been meaning to look into but kept putting off since I assumed they would just be another plain pair of black pants.

I was wrong. So wrong. The Minnie Pants are possbily the best pair of pants I have ever worn. The fabric is soft and stretchy, yet holds it shape, doesn’t wrinkle and the ankle grazing length is reminsecent of a 1960s Audrey Hepburn style.

I wore these pants for the all day event and was shocked throughout over how comfortable they felt (like my favorite sweatpants) yet every time I caught a glimpse of myself I looked chic and slim. Honestly, any pant that instantly makes you look like you’ve lost 5 pounds is an incredible pair of pants.

Since that day these pants have barely seen my closet shelves because I quickly realized that they work with a myriad of wardrobe pieces from dressy to casual – I have mixed them with my go-to Chucks and a tee for casual errand running or with my favorite silk Chanel ballet flats in the palest of pink to pumps and a silky blouse. I can see myself wearing these pants every season.

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