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What To Wear: Wide-Legged Pants

 Wide-legged pants appeal to me in the summertime in so many ways. I like the dramatic look the pants give to an outfit, how the styling is reminiscent of a maxi dress but in a pant version, the easy feel to the pant style and I also love the extreme difference from my typical skinny pants to a wide-legged pant. As with most of my wardrobe, I prefer simple colors and minimal patterns but occasionally like to mix it up with the wide-legged pant in a bold color or pattern.

The bold colored pant is tempered with a loose black tank and the detailed necklace balances well against the pants

Chiffon pants are soft, breezy and delicate for Spring and Summer. The black tank goes well with the light pants and the tough metal on the cross-body bag adds an unexpected element

I like to balance wide-legged pants with fitted tops or even a slight crop top and this fitted tee knotted at the waist gives a teeny sliver of a cropped top that juxtaposes well with the patterned pants, bold necklace and delicate, strappy sandals

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