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Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Cinco de Mayo Celebration // Margaritas

After a very difficult month in April {family and health issues} I am more thrilled than ever to embrace May with its spring flowers, gorgeous weather and tons of events and celebrations! The month started off perfectly with the Kentucky Derby and the yummiest Mint Julep cupcakes, along with reminiscing over a day at the races in France, a relaxing weekend and now continues through Monday with Cinco de Mayo. I may not be Mexican, but I live for any excuse to indulge in margaritas and guacamole.

I do have a tendency to overdo my celebrations, adding on more and more since it’s fun for me but this time I’m around I’m keeping things simple just a few favorite tried-and-true recipes, topped off with a must-try new margarita mix.

I’ve been making this Chipotle-inspired guacamole for years now and it is delicious Every.Single.Time. Finding a good made-from-scratch taco mix wasn’t as easy, but I finally discovered did and make it on a near weekly basis with guacamole on the side, fresh cilantro to top off the tacos and a little bit of extra lime for garnishing because there can never be too much lime for me.

Cinco de Mayo Celebration // Tacos and Guacamole

If you’re not in the mood for margaritas or want to add on another drink to the mix a homemade horchata is worth the effort and perfect for a low-key Cinco de Mayo celebration {especially if you spike it with rum}. Now that May is off to such a sweet success let’s fiesta like there’s no maƱana!

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