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A Day At The Horse Races in France

A Day At The Horse Races in France

I love the horse races. I remember going to the races as a little girl with my family and the thrill of watching those sleek horses racing around at top speeds. Every year I look forward to the Triple Crown and especially the Kentucky Derby, but this year I’m also reminiscing about one of my favorite events I attended while living in Paris for the first time.

At the spur of the moment we decided to go to the Prix de Diane Longines horse race held in Chantilly, France. This full day event is popular for Parisians to attend as a way to get out of the city for the day, while also indulging in a picnic, dressing up in their finest race wear and enjoying the excitement of a horse race.

A Day At The Horse Races in France A Day At The Horse Races in France A Day At The Horse Races in France {bubbles and picnic boxes full of goodies}

A Day At The Horse Races in France {vintage style at its finest}

The French take their racing protocol as seriously as they do every other event as they always care about the little details. Everyone was dressed up, large blankets were brought to enjoy the picnic boxes sold for the all day racing event and some even wore full vintage clothing {shown above}.

After finding a prime spot for both people watching and race viewing, I realized that some of the excitement I felt in the air around me was similar to what you feel at the Kentucky Derby; pure excitement over the potential outcome of the races mixed with giddy joy at seeing what everyone else was wearing.

This day has always gone down as one of my favorites for so many reasons – I felt like I was one of the Parisians as we all escaped the city together, the picnic treat were as delicious as you would expect of any food in France, the joy of dressing up for the horse races, and also having placed a bet on the winning horse. đŸ˜‰

A Day At The Horse Races in France
{my guy}

A Day At The Horse Races in France
{of course I kept the box}

This year I won’t be in person at the races in Paris or Kentucky, but I plan on enjoying the Kentucky Derby with this delicious cupcake twist on a classic Kentucky Derby drink. Check for more Derby food and drink ideas here.

I made the Mint Julep cupcakes and they were incredible. The recipe created one of the moistest cupcakes I’ve ever had {patting my self on the back as I write this}. I did make a couple changes though – I used Crown Royal whiskey instead of bourbon, did not put any mint in the cupcake batter and used a heaping 1/4 teaspoon of mint for the icing. I could not find mint extract so I used peppermint extract instead which gave a rich minty taste but wasn’t overwhelming since I used a smaller amount. These cupcakes were so delicious I will be making them again next Derby!

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