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The Paris Pop-Up Food Festival Event

After so many mild days, the autumn weather arrived with a gusto as the wind rushed me along my walk to the Paris Pop-Up, held this Sunday at Le Perchoir.

This was my first Paris Pop-Up and it certainly made me wish I could attend more. The Pop-Up is held in a different location each time, and for this event it was held at Le Perchoir, a rooftop bar and hangout spot on the Right Bank.

The rooftop space had an industrial feel that mixed perfectly with the lounge cushions set amidst planters and an herb garden. It was quite picturesque to look around the rooftop and see Sacré-Cœur and the Eiffel Tower in the background while the London folk and blues “Ramshackle Union Band” played and I sipped my drink and chatted the afternoon away.

The main point of this event was to eat, so I dragged myself away from the view to try out the offerings from seven chefs, running the gamut from oysters to braised pork. My favorite was the dessert of course; Sage Panacotta and Carrots by Matteo Nardin, which was a decadent and scrumptious bite.

The event also held a jumble sale from “The House That Jack Built”. I scored an amazing pair of leather oxfords with crystal heels and an A.P.C. plaid top {perfect for Fall’s plaid trend}. Yes, I go to a food event and end up shopping for clothes.

My final highlight of this event was a book signing with David Lebovitz, who I had the pleasure of speaking with for a few minutes. Mr. Lebovitz was utterly gracious and amusing throughout the chat, just as he was when I heard him speak at Shakespeare and Company.

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