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The Best Éclairs in Paris

One thing I love to do in Paris is to wander through my favorite neighborhoods, taking different routes each time because I never know what I might find. On this latest wander I stumbled on an éclair shop in Le Marais, where packs of Parisians were clamoring around a storefront excitedly. Seeing local Parisians that excited is a rare thing, so I assumed there must be something to this modern, clean-lined pastry shop on a quiet street in Le Marais. Without seeing the sign overhead {it was late in the evening and I was a bit tired} I walked in to be met by a sumptuous amount of éclairs. I had luckily stumbled onto the newest favorite pastry in town; éclairs from L’Éclair de Génie.

These éclairs are not your traditional éclairs, they are what every éclair should aspire to be; beautiful works of art in bright, blingy colors that glisten with edible gold and silver, created with both unique ingredients {popcorn and yuzu among them} and classic variations on chocolate, along with a salted-caramel that is a perennial favorite.

The pastry dough is soft and chewy, with a crisp icing that is not too sugary, the filling is made of a ganache that has more substance than a cream. Plus the size is just petite enough to be eaten alone or shared. Before this day I had never enjoyed éclairs; the dough is dry, the cream filling is too sugary or like a pudding, and they’re too big to eat by myself. Now I am éclair convert and will be going back for more. If you have the opportunity to travel to Paris you must try these éclairs!

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