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Wednesday Wishes No. 20 | Shopbop Sale

shopbop sale

“The most important thing a girl wears is her confidence”

One of the benefits to living it out of a suitcase (or 3) is that I have been forced to scale back, to be more deliberate about the clothes I choose. I have often been guilty of overbuying, overpacking and overthinking my wardrobe, worrying about “what if” scenarios rather than just focusing on the ease of only having the pieces of clothing that I am happiest in.

I have been thinking about embracing a more compact, capsule style wardrobe for quite some time, but have always feared I’ll be left wishing for more. Now that we are in South Florida part of me wants to rush out and buy every maxi dress, romper, jumpsuit, and breezy top I lay my eyes on. But financially that’s just not possible. I’ve also noticed that the more options I have the harder it is for me to get dressed or make a decision on what to wear.

One thing I do need is swimwear and accessories; a one-piece swimsuit, sandals, and a beach bag. I prefer a simple color palette with an occasional pop of color because it makes both travel and my day-to-day wardrobe easier to put together. I am taking vantage of the seasonal sale Shopbop is doing right now as it’s the perfect time for me to choose those items I need, along with a wishful item (or 3!).

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P.S. – I already purchased this jumpsuit and am impressed with how soft and simple, yet chic this piece is!

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