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Breton Top

I love classic wardrobe pieces and there is nothing more classic than the Breton striped top. However, finding just the right one can be difficult. I think the fit and fabric are extremely important to get this look right. I prefer cotton, in a slightly fitted style that isn’t too clingy so it doesn’t take away from the fisherman’s appeal of this style. The stripes need to have a bit of spacing so the stripes don’t read as a test pattern {not exactly flattering!} by being too close together. After a LOT of searching, I have found the tops that fit my preferences.

Shop My Favorites:

Breton: The Original
Proenza Schouler Striped Tee
Asos Ganni {also in red}
Tory Burch Eden
F21 Breton
Boden Autumn

For a sweet version of the classic Breton style:
Boden Collared or Loft Striped Bow Neck

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