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Summer is the classic time of the year to go on vacation, but occasionally I prefer to have a staycation {to live like I’m on vacation}. It’s a way to decompress and relax for a day or weekend, while enjoying the easy-breezy summertime. One of my favorite ways to start a staycation off right is breakfast in bed with croissants and an icy cold drink {because calories don’t count on vacation}. It feels so decadent, yet its so simple.

When I plan a staycation, I really indulge in it, treating the time like a real vacation away from everything.  I shut my phone off {no Pinterest or Instagram} and the Mr. and I stay in, read, watch movies, and revel in all the rest and relaxation we can.

I also like to spend my time reading and listening to music while nibbling on a favorite snack¬†{I have weaknesses for chocolate covered pretzels, donuts and macarons}. It’s a must-do indulgence for me because all my vacations include decadent food experiences, so this makes the staycation feel more like a vacation.

I also like to throw in a simple picnic with a charcuterie board, cheeses, and wine while watching a movie with the Mr. We spend a lot of time visiting with friends and family, and in just 6 weeks we are going to be traveling around Europe from September to November so I want to take a little time to just enjoy being at home.

What’s your staycation style?

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