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Birthday Wishes: Sarah Jessica Parker

It’s SJP’s birthday and what better way to celebrate than a look at some favorite outfits she has worn. While SJP solidified her position as a fashion icon with her role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, she has been wearing wearing high-fashion, risk-taking outfits throughout her career.

sjp birthday smiles

SJP embraces the fun of fashion while consistently making a fashion statement. No matter what look SJP wears, she wears it-it never wears her.

sjp moto + maxi ball gown

sjp brights color blocking

sjp bf jeans + moto

sjp casual chinos + heels

In her fashion history; SJP has taken on many looks, styles, trends and each time made it her own, while also influencing others {she is the reason we pair a moto jacket with something soft, brights with brights, boyfriend jeans with heels…}

sjp chanel

sjp dior haute couture

sjp gown

sjp star dress

Her high-fashion, red carpets looks are equally unique and stunning whether in Haute Couture from Dior, Chanel, Valentino…she wears the designers dreams with a fashionable edge.

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