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~ 2013 Intentions ~

We lost the internet for over 24 hours and rather than run to Starbucks {very tempted!} I thought a lot about how to embrace this New Year {gratitude} Instead of making resolutions, I am going to take a lesson from my yoga classes & set my intention for the year. I think the difference of intention versus resolution is to have an overall feel/concept of how I would like to embrace the year instead of change it.

This year, I want to live more & enjoy every moment of the now, take classes {photography & cooking} more DIY projects {I enjoyed the Xmas crafts so much}, see more concerts, plays & the ballet, bring art into my life every day, go to the movies & not feel guilty for eating candy, stop procrastinating, practice speaking French fluently, declutter & only surround myself with what I love the most, light more candles, take day trips, & sparkle a bit more too!

take long walks with the hubs {even in the freezing snow}

bring joy {and glitter} to every day

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