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Ways to Wear Denim

Denim, denim, denim…oh the possibilities! Since denim went from practical workman’s clothing to a fashionable piece, the options have become endless…lucky us!

Boyfriend jeans get a polished look with the use of accessories and layered tops

Rolling up the bottoms, tucking in the shirt and the layered necklaces all combine for a long and lean look

Pairing the half tucked, cuffed shirt with lady like pumps and bag keeps the look from becoming too casual

Coral denim adds a pop of color

For even more color, throw a mint jacket on top and ground the look with a classic striped top

White denim feels crisp and adds a neutral color, while the blue denim tops give a relaxed vibe

Skinnies paired with bright Tiffany Blue pieces make for a fun Spring look

Cropped skinnies with bright pops of color in the red shoes and yellow cardi

Denim tops-dressed up with sequins or festival ready with a Navajo inspired skirt

Perfect with an eyelet maxi

Touches of black mixed with denim give a downtown vibe

Cuffed shorts become adorable when paired with a blouse and bun

Paired with my favorite Isabel Marant Dicker boots! Also adore the over-sized clutch

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