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Target Jason Wu Scandal

Target had an issue with their previous designer collaboration, when Missoni hit the shelves and Target shops sold out everywhere as their website crashed from the massive influx of people desperately wanting this product. There was unfortunately more to this story though as unscrupulous people capitalized on the popularity of Missoni and bought up pieces in bulk to then resell on the street and eBay. Target had allegedly put additional restrictions out when releasing the Jason Wu collaboration.  However, that did not stop this couple from taking every piece available at a Target in Miami. This is horribly unfair to the average customer who merely wished to own a piece or two of this collection. The point of the designer collaboration with Target is to aid more people in being able to own a piece by a designer they admire.

And really, how could such a cute dog like this allow people to take advantage of others?! 😉




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